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The Master Storyteller series: Bud Greenspan – Master in the Art of Telling the Olympics Story

Ron Caughlin - Innovative Marketer and Master Storyteller The first in a series of many blogs to come - I wanted to highlight some of the best storytellers and give you a sense of their innovations and impact as master storytellers. As I am a lover of the Olympic Games I thought I would start [...]

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Does your vision speech have the MOJO to ignite your listeners?

By Robert Vallee. You are the leader of your organization. Ask yourself, are you using powerful speaking tools in order to achieve your goals?

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Easy Presentation Self-Check

You are on the road with one goal in mind: grow your business. You plan on introducing your pain-relieving, value-added proposition to potential clients. You will use your ‘business development’ PowerPoint, or Prezi or Keynote-based presentation to achieve that goal. Ask yourself this question: are you impressive when presenting with it? Or have you been [...]

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Is your presentation style outdated?

So! Next week you are giving a major presentation to your industry organization. You are an influential and rising star in the organization. Your presentation must stand out. Take a look at the list below of common – and now outdated – presentation tactics. How many of them will you use? 1. Telling your audience [...]

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