Executive MentorCould an Executive Mentor help me?  This is a question I hear quite frequently. And, it’s a question that must be on the minds of many people in leadership roles today.

Have you ever seen a great business leader?  I have. They make amazing things happen.

And, they generally don’t do it alone. Leadership success stories most often include crediting an influential mentor.

A great leader possesses wisdom, experience, charisma, fortitude and they tend to ask really good questions. But it’s hard for everyone to ask the really difficult questions – like asking for help seems to be a particular challenge.

For many executive leaders or someone making key business decisions – asking for a Mentor can become the catalyst that moves you away from struggling and propels you to excel.

A Mentor is different from a Coach.

A Coach teaches you tools and techniques for helping you do things better.

But a Mentor exists in the areas that help bring your own ideas to fruition, by supporting what you truly want to achieve.

MentoringA great Mentor guides you, but does not tell you what to do.  They have proven experience, and can bring an objective perspective to the table.

You are in your decision-making role; because you are supposed to be the expert or leader. You already have people to turn to when you want to bounce ideas off of them. But, getting things done is another matter.

However, having someone dedicated to actually helping you prioritize and focus on what’s important and not just urgent (like an executive mentor), allows you to achieve those goals so much quicker than by going solo.

A Mentor should be a trusted and confidential resource who will be brutally honest with you! Its professional advice, but personalized uniquely for you.

Mentors provide insight and wisdom with the sincere goal of helping you accomplish great things.

Has any successful leader ever really done it all by themselves?  I can’t think of anyone who ever said that!

Mentors are about helping you move forward. Providing value by turning your ideas into action. Taking you well beyond the current state of affairs.

I am constantly surprised and delighted by the amount of help I get – just by asking for it.

Executive Mentors have already ‘been there and accomplished that’.  They are waiting to share their knowledge with others.  Maybe even with you.  If you are seeking an edge to help you achieve great things…..things you haven’t even imagined yet – then Mentoring may be a viable option.