As the needs and wants of the consumer change and alter – your Brand needs to evolve too.

What to do if your Brand isn’t working?

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As a key to Brand success, evolution must be included in your Brand Strategy.

Remaining on target can be challenging – it means you must always understand your current audience and be constantly looking for emerging audiences plus target both groups – giving them entry points to your products or services.

This can take some effort – you must always be in the forefront of your consumer – unfortunately if this process is ignored it can mean a costly Brand re-fresh or complete re-Brand.

If you suspect your Brand isn’t working, here’s our “6-point” checklist that can help you through the process:

  1. Has your key target audience changed – audiences will change as the world changes and offers new and exciting produces and services – your Brand must stay in the forefront and maintain or capture their interest.
  1. Does your Brand POD/Message still resonate with your target audience – has you message changed, has your competitor eroded or stolen part of your message – check it – make sure you’re still own the message.
  1. Has your Brand become confusing – it may make sense to you – however it may be confusing to your audience – make sure it’s understandable, inviting and welcoming.
  1. Has your benefit expired or grown old – as time goes on, your revolutionary benefit may have become “point of entry” for the category rendering your key benefit weak.
  1. Does your BrandMark match your Brand Message – a simple understandable message coupled with a simple understandable BrandMark – this design philosophy will always prove best.
  1. Has your Brand become to thin – always identify a primary target market and category, trying to please to many markets will make your Brand look weak, you will not be recognized as an expert in any category.

Branding is a very fluid process – it must change and evolve – to do this effectively flexibility must be built into the original process to avoid any failure of your products and services and how they’re presented to the target audience plus general marketplace.

Failure to recognize this important step will result in diminished Brand awareness and recognition, difficultly in reaching your target audience and finally reduced revenues.

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