Julia Dumanian is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Hearing Society. In this blog she discusses her experience with the Role of the CEO as Chief Advocacy Officer.

Julia’s complete series of blogs on the role of the CEO provide a wealth of insight for CEO’s and Boards seeking more insight on CEO role.  Her blogs on the Role of the CEO can be found by scrolling to the blog section of Julia Dumanian’s personal profile page.

As the priorities and strategies for an organization change and evolve, so do the list of core competencies for today’s leaders.

For CEO’s, one must constantly adapt to the new and/or expanded skill sets required to be successful in your role.

Many skills, which were previously treated as transactional task and delegated through the organization, now require the direct attention and engagement of the CEO directly.

Please view my SlideShare presentation for further insight on the CEO as an Organization’s Chief Advocacy Officer: