This Medical Group Board Governance eBook is an insightful, fifteen minute read. It is designed to clearly and succinctly lay out the core concepts of Board Governance and the role of Directors in the Healthcare industry. The goal of this book is to provide information that results in better understanding of Board Governance and greater effectiveness. It will be particularly helpful to new Directors and Boards that are contemplating ways to how to improve their Governance effectiveness. Anyone reading this book will come away with a clear understanding and ideas helping their Board work better.

Governance Lesson #1 – The basic concepts of Board Governance apply to Healthcare Medical Groups

The role of a Governance Board (any Governance Board) is to provide objective oversight of the organization’s operations to ensure management is successful. This role apply applies in Healthcare, including representative Medical Group Boards. To be successful, there are three (only three) areas that a Governance Board should focus on. However, the reason Board Governance is often so difficult (frequently to the point of failing) is that Boards tend to spend too much time on the wrong priorities or priorities with low impact. This book will help Directors understand where they should focus (it’s not complicated) and how to adjust their governance operations to do that.

Important Lesson #2 – Board Composition is a differentiating factor on Medical Group Boards

Objectivity and outside expertise are important factors that strengthen Board governance. However, the composition of many Healthcare and Medical Group Boards is prescribed by policies and regulations that limit the ability to add outside Directors. Not only does this limit outside perspective and expertise, it makes it more difficult for Medical Group Boards to focus on oversight, not operating issues. In this book we share options Boards can consider when their Board composition policies are limited.

Important Lesson #3 – Medical Groups Without Strong Board Governance Will be Challenged

Consolidation, competition, innovation and patient demands are rapidly changing the world of health care delivery. Providers caught with their heads in the operation will be challenged to stay relevant and competitive. Healthcare organizations and medical Groups with strong Corporate Governance will have a meaningful advantage going forward. That’s because strong Governance ensures focus on a broad set of risks and strategies for remaining competitive.

Chapter Summary for the eBook ‘Medical Group Board Governance’

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Definition of Board Governance
  • Chapter 2: Benefits of Board Governance
  • Chapter 3: Challenges of Board Governance
  • Chapter 4: Board Governance Processes
    • Board Composition
    • Board Leadership
    • Board Information
    • Board Processes
    • Board Culture
  • Chapter 5 – Measuring Board Effectiveness
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
    • Example Board Skills Matrix
    • Example Board Evaluation
    • Example Board Meeting Agenda

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