Ontario RFP Speaker and FacilitatorKaren McElroy is an experienced Toronto RFP speaker and facilitator.

RFPs are an acronym for Request for Proposals. If growing revenue is a corporate priority, then successfully winning RFPs is one of the most productive strategies available! For example, the Canadian Federal government alone, currently has over a billion dollars of contracts outstanding.

Karen is the CEO of Boardroom Metrics. For the past 10 years Karen has led the RFP Response Team for Boardroom Metrics. Her workshop “Responding to Requests for Proposals”, is a facilitated session designed for any organization with an interest in understanding the benefits of participating in the RFP process and the secrets for doing it successfully.

Content in the session comes from working with and gathering feedback from RFP issuers and responders. Market segments includes B2B, B2C, Not-for-Profit, Innovation Centers and Incubators. In many organizations, they are moving beyond grant writing to substantial revenue generation.

Winning RFPs are an excellent solution to this challenge!

Participants of the RFP Work Sessions will learn:

  1. The why of RFPs: Learn why there is a formal RFP submission process and why your company should participate.
  2. The what of RFPs: RFPs are a tactical activity that should be aligned to the organizations overall business development strategy.
  3. The where of RFPs: Monitor Bid Portals Online.
  4. The how of RFPs: How to develop your Boilerplate and be prepared to respond when you are notified about a potential suitable bid.
  5. The who of RFPs: Understand who is needed on your RFP response team and who will implement the solution once awarded the contract.

Karen uses real RFP proposals and Responses for participants to delve into and learn from. Numerous handouts are provided as take-aways to help participants understand the RFP response process and master the art of winning competitive RFP bids.

For more information and booking schedules, please contact Karen at 416-994-6552 or email [email protected].