Writing a Quality RFP Response is a Process

RFP response writing is a process. Therefore, it is appropriate that many clients seek RFP quality assurance when they reach out for assistance.

Quality assurance is defined as ‘the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.’

Here are the key stages of the RFP response writing process that are subject to quality assurance:

  1. Making the RFP response go/no-go decision to respond
  2. Assigning the team responsible for responding to the RFP
  3. Writing the RFP response
  4. Submitting the RFP
  5. Capturing learning from the outcome of the bid

Assisting clients with RFP Quality Assurance Throughout the Process

More information on the go/no-go checklist is here.

Who is assigned to the RFP response writing team and how the response is written depends on clearly understanding the issuers requirements. The blog section of our site contains many articles on how to write the RFP response. Note that the most common mistake we observe in RFP responses is talking too much about ‘what we can do’ and not enough about ‘what the issuer needs’. Writing RFP responses is a core service that Boardroom Metrics provides its clients.

There are generally two options for submitting an RFP – either a physical copy or electronically. The primary benefit of a physical copy is the control the bidder has over the look and feel of the final document. The primary benefit of an electronic submission is timing. It can be delivered much closer to the deadline. At Boardroom Metrics, our graphic designers help ensure the quality of the final submission, regardless of how the RFP is submitted.

Finally, there is an entire process of learning from the outcome, win or lose. This includes capturing and cataloguing new content, through following up with the issuer on the results. Output from this stage can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of future responses. Boardroom Metrics team of RFP specialists are available to assist clients who focus on this stage of the process.

For clients seeking an overall assessment of the their RFP quality assurance process, Boardroom Metrics can help in a couple of ways:

  • By assessing past bidder requirements and RFP responses our specialists make recommendations on improvements that enhance process and output quality
  • By assessing requirements of a current RFP and response our specialists make recommendations for maximizing the quality of live bid

From interpreting bidder needs, to writing a high quality response and ensuring a strong post-RFP bid process, Boardroom Metrics is committed to helping our clients implement RFP quality assurance and win more bids.