Boardroom Metrics provides RFP Consulting and Outsource Response Writing expertise to clients in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Are you frustrated that your team isn’t winning enough of the bids they’re competing for?

Then outsourcing to a professional RFP writer is a viable option for changing the results.

It may be hard to believe – but there really are people in the universe that love writing Proposal and RFP Bid responses! And they’re good at it. Some of the best outsource RFP writers are ex-marketing and sales leaders who spent their career winning RFP bids and now enjoy helping others be just as successful.

The Benefits of Engaging a Professional RFP Writer

Engaging an outsource RFP writer can be beneficial in many ways.

First, the chances of winning are increased. Second, key staff who would normally be pulled off the jobs they are good at to take on RFP writing are left undistracted. Third, it’s always great to have an objective set of eyes evaluate both the RFP and your organization’s best response. The biggest mistake we see clients making when they respond themselves? Talking about what they do, not the needs of the issuer. Finally, using an outsource RFP writer significantly reduces stress on the entire organization – at the same time that the entire organization has the opportunity to learn from a professional. We’ve had CEO’s jump into many of our projects as they start to realize the value of having a professional respond to their customer’s needs.

We’ve written lots on this but serious bidders all do the same things well:

  • they understand the needs of the issuer
  • they write their response in the issuer’s language
  • they never miss any of the mandatory requirements
  • they respond based on the issuers needs, not on the features of their business that apply to everybody
  • they respond in a timely fashion

Some of our clients engage us to write their RFP proposal responses and never try to do it themselves again. Others take the learning they get from a professional and apply it themselves.

So long as our clients are winning bids, we COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about outsourcing an RFP proposal response. We’re happy to share our learning. We have a team of professional RFP writers based around the world that are ready to help you win your next bid.