Jim Crocker is the Chair of Boardroom Metrics. He is an experienced Toronto governance speaker and facilitator.

Jim’s governance experience includes decades of work with public, private and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and the United States.  He has broad industry experience including healthcare, technology, education, professional services and many others.

Engaging Boards to Think Critically About Their Role and Best Practices

As a speaker and facilitator, Jim engages Boards to think critically about their role and how to be more effective as a Board. Using modern examples that everyone can relate to, Jim helps Directors understand that good governance cannot be taken for granted; that poor governance is an everyday occurrence; and, that no Board is immune from the unsettling consequences that occur when governance goes bad. By sharing best practice insight and information from Boards of Directors world-wide, Jim helps Boards identify and develop their own ideas and best-practices for pursuing more effective governance.

Engaging, Inclusive Speaker and Facilitation Style

Jim’s meeting facilitation style is informal and inclusive. An experienced Director, CEO, Consultant and founder, Jim works comfortably into any group meeting situation. He has worked with small individual Boards and large gatherings of Boards and Directors, including associations. Participants and meeting organizers consistently feedback that they have never been more engaged or informed about the governance topic.

Facilitation on Specific Governance Topics

Jim also works with Boards seeking facilitated help on specific governance topics. Most frequently, these include:

  • Board and Director role
  • Board composition
  • Board and CEO evaluations
  • Leading effective Board meetings
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Corporate strategy development and assessment

More information on Toronto Governance Speaking and Facilitation

Jim lives in Toronto and is available throughout North America. For more information or to speak with Jim email [email protected] or call 416-994-6552.