By far the single most popular download on our website is our Boardroom Metrics CEO Assessment.

Last month alone, there were almost 50 downloads from companies large and small, and from all over the world.

When we talk to some of these companies about why they’re interested in the CEO assessment here’s what we’re hearing:

  • “I’m a Board member and I need to become much more familiar with the role of the CEO.”
  • “We’ve never done an assessment before but we’re growing fast and need to take our leadership capabilities seriously.”
  • “I’m a CEO and I want to ensure I’m doing my job properly.”
  • I’m an owner who has always run the business. It’s time to pass day to day responsibilities to someone else. We need a way of evaluating candidates for the role.”

Regardless of the reason, the CEO assessment is a straightforward measurement of the CEO’s capabilities in areas of leadership, management, financial management and governance.  It can be self-administered and takes relatively little time to complete.

We’re happy that companies are seeking greater insight on the role of the CEO. Many on the Boardroom Metrics team are ex-CEO’s who have experienced the complexity and impact that the CEO role embodies.  Frequently, we see the role being done poorly – with dangerous and predictable consequences for the organization.

There’s one indisputable truth about companies – everything about a company, from culture to performance begins at the top. So it’s vitally important to understand the CEO role and how it is being performed.

Other Leadership Role Assessments

Driven by client feedback, Boardroom Metrics is now customizing assessments for other senior management positions. These assessments can be used in annual performance reviews, to build personal development plans or to assess the suitability of a candidate for a key position. There is  a modest fee for these assessments that depend on the customization involved. Please contact us for more information.

CEO Assessments, Coaching and Mentoring

For companies seeking objective, third party, expert feedback on their CEO or other leaders,  Boardroom Metrics can be contracted to conduct a CEO or other leadership assessment.  Assessments are based on interviews conducted with the CEO and others in the organization  including owners, the Board of Directors, other leaders and employees.  Output from the assessment includes results and recommendations for improving performance. Boardroom Metrics provides  coaching and consulting for CEO’s and other senior leaders seeking on-going performance assistance.