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Building trust and relationships are important to Tim. Whether he is leading a major corporation or supporting a charity on the golf course, his authenticity shines through.

Charities: Are your books and records in order?

Recently, a number of well-known Canadian charities faced brand risk because they didn’t adhere to a basic business principle of organization. They didn’t have up to date books and records. Failure to maintain your books and records is possible grounds for suspension of a charity's tax-receipting privileges. Such a suspension can translate into the loss [...]

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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…Time is Counting Down

October 2013 leaves one year for corporations incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act (CCA) to transition to the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA). The CNCA provides federal not-for-profit corporations with a new set of rules that are modern, flexible, and better suited to the needs of today's not-for-profit sector. This should come [...]

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Successful On-boarding Experience

How to properly provide training and guidance for new directors What does it take to create a successful non-profit board training event? How can training, or “on-boarding events”, be beneficial to those who attend them? And, will board members remember and apply the key takeaways discussed? I love to hear about on-boarding experiences that are [...]

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Directors – Crisis, What Crisis?

Charles De Gaulle - Faced with crisis, the person of character falls back on themself. They impose their own stamp of action, take responsibility for it, and make it their own. In a previous blog, I shared that acting independently will identify you as a board contributor in times of conflict and crisis. In this [...]

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I am a Non-Profit Board Member, How Did I Get Here?

You'll work hard, feel frustrated and ask this question repeatedly: Whose idea was it to grab a seat on my favorite charity's board of directors? You'll understand why you joined, perhaps when you least expected it, on the day that you marvel at the difference a likeminded group of people can make to the survival [...]

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8 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Non-Profit Board of Directors

Let's pretend that you are considering joining a non-profit Board as a Director or that you have been invited to be a trustee on a very well recognized foundation. What are your first thoughts? It's important to keep in mind that there are no perfect charities, no perfect non-profits and no perfect non-profit boards. Prospective non-profit [...]

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Canadian Not-for-Profit Board Governance – Getting Ready for CNCA

A board governance issue that should be a priority for all not-for-profits in Canada right now, is CNCA compliance. The Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA), which was brought into force October 17, 2011, affects all federal non-profit corporations under the current Canada Corporations Act (CCA). Federal non-profits have 3 years to transition from the CCA [...]

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Does Your Board Have a Crisis Management Plan?

Board Governance Depends on Where You Sit Charles De Gaulle - Faced with crisis, the person of character falls back on himself.  They impose their own stamp of action, take responsibility for it, and make it their own. In my previous blog -  Board Governance Depends On What Your View Is I shared that by [...]

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