Innovation Assessment Questionnaire

This simple innovation assessment can be filled out in five minutes. It is used to help organization quickly assess successes and gaps in their innovation process.

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Outsource Business Development for Consultants

This presentation outlines the Boardroom Metrics Business Development program for consultants. Every consultant wants to meet more potential clients. This program delivers.

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Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

Ken Steven, a Boardroom Metrics Business Growth Consultant, provides inbound marketing content creation and lead generation services to the financial services and professional services industries.

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Winning Proposals and RFP’s

Toronto Proposal Writer from Boardroom Metrics Sharon Giraud has written over 100 winning RFP's and proposals for corporate and government in Canada and the US. Sharon lives in Toronto.

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Agile Project Management for Executives

This presentation is designed to give non-software executives a solid understanding of the Agile approach to software development - and introduce the benefits of applying Agile methodologies in other parts of the organization. Core principles of Agile development include iterative planning (do, learn, adapt) and implementation where solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional [...]

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Boomer Metrics

Boomers are reaching retirement age. But few are planning to retire. Most want to keep working and although income is important, most say they just want to stay busy. Too stay busy, boomers are going to have to become entrepreneurs. Boomer Metrics View more presentations from Jim Crocker

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Report on Interim Management Trends

This Trend Update from the Netherlands provides some excellent insight on trends in interim management.  Interim Management is significantly more developed in the Netherlands than in Canada, but Canada is rapidly advancing. Leaders considering interim management in Canada will find this report interesting. CLICK HERE: Interim Management Trends Report Netherlands

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Baby Boomer Business Owners

Stats on aging boomers and what it means to business owners. Tick Tock Boomers

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