There are two leadership styles. Both work. One is more sustainable.

The ‘smartest person’ leader has all the answers and provides all the direction. This leader attracts followers.

The ‘facilitator’ depends on being surrounded by other smart people and holding them accountable. This leader attracts other leaders.

Being the ‘smartest person’ often starts well. But it can fade fast. Knowing everything is difficult, and having to make all the decisions slows down most of today’s fast-paced businesses.

Facilitating is more sustainable because it shares the decision making and leadership load with other smart leaders. Although trusting others can be scary, smart people often surprise you and they learn from their mistakes.

So, what does it take to look after a team of good leaders?

  1. Trust in their motivation.
  2. Respect for their expertise and skills.
  3. A clear set of expectations.
  4. Clear accountability for results.
  5. Encouragement to act, even take a risk.
  6. Help eliminating roadblocks and barriers.
  7. Recognition for a job well done.

Leading other leaders takes confidence. Likely, more confidence than it takes to be the smartest person.