RFP Writer Atlanta – Professional Proposal Response Writing

Boardroom Metrics’ team of  eight professional RFP proposal response writers, two graphic artists and a project co-ordinator live in the United States and Canada.

Dean Lukehart has been with Boardroom Metrics for almost five years. He is one of our senior writers and has worked with a wide variety of large and mid-size clients across a range of industries.

Background on Dean Lukehart, RFP Writer Atlanta

Dean lives in Atlanta, Georgia. A successful business development executive with a journalism degree from Penn State, Dean first reached out to Boardroom Metrics to discuss executive branding and transition. In Dean’s case, the transition was a planned one – from full-time leader to post-corporate consultant. After several discussions about Dean’s passions and expertise, Dean agreed to join our (at that time) early-stage RFP proposal writing business.

For Dean, responding to RFP’s is how he made his career. Leading the business development team at a well-known Atlanta advertising agency, Dean was responsible for bidding on large contracts with well-known advertisers – and winning their business.

Being Atlanta-based provides, Dean has his finger on US business and its particular nuances. However, working from Atlanta has not stopped him from successfully writing responses for some our largest international clients.

Based in Atlanta – available virtually, everywhere

One of the interesting elements of the RFP business is that most of  it can be conducted virtually. There are very few requirements to meet physically as all of the work can done via phone, text, Skype and email. A writer in Atlanta can be just as productive as a writer in Toronto.

There are several traits that clients working with Dean appreciate.

First and foremost, Dean’s years of business and proposal writing experience provide him with invaluable insight on issuers and responding successfully to requests for proposal. Critically, determining what the issuer is seeking from bidders is key to winning RFPs. Dean is very astute when it comes to deciphering issuer expectations.

Second, Dean is a talented, efficient and organized writer. Working under pressure, writing clearly and ‘checking all the boxes’ is what every successful RFP writer must do. For Dean, those traits are second nature.

Finally, Dean is a first-rate client manager. Responsive and available, clients never wonder about project progress or status. Dean’s client management skills, developed over years in the Atlanta ad business provide ongoing visibility, awareness and comfort to clients concerned about meeting issuer deadlines and criteria.

More information on Atlanta RFP writing services

For more information on working with Dean in Atlanta, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] or call 416-994-6552. Dean’s Boardroom Metrics team profile can be viewed here.