Share your thoughts on RFP strategy with us?

We have created this short Survey Monkey Survey to collect some data on what organizations are doing about responding to RFP’s. It takes two minutes to complete. Once we have collected enough results, we will share them with visitors to our website.

Here’s a link to the RFP bidder/supplier survey on Survey Monkey.

We would like to gather the following survey information:

  • what % of organizations respond to RFP’s
  • whether they have a proactive RFP strategy or not
  • whether they use dedicated teams or other resources
  • what’s their win rate like
  • why organizations choose not to pursue an RFP response strategy
  • what those who do are feeling about their strategy

We do have some going-in hypothesis we want to prove/disprove, including:

  1. a high percentage of organizations don’t respond to RFP’s – but should
  2. many organizations treat RFP responses as one-off opportunities and their win rate is low
  3. organizations with a dedicated RFP strategy commit more resources, win more contracts and feel good about it
  4. organizations without a dedicated RFP strategy question the value of responding to RFP’s and tend to doubt the fairness of the system

Thank you for responding. We will post the results later in the summer.