When was the last time you reviewed the structure of your Sales Organization? How has the marketplace changed since then? Many Companies review  their business strategy on a regular basis, but very few pause to look at the selling environment they are competing in and the appropriateness of their Selling Organization  for this new reality.

This the first in a series of 5 Blogs that will look at how a change in your competitive landscape can impact your Route to Market.

Your customers buying practices have changed:

How have your Customer’s buying practices changed over the last few years? What changes have occurred in their industry that impacts their decision making process and buying practices? Have their objectives, issues or challenges changed?  How can your company, through your Sales Organization help make their goals a reality? Are they being impacted by new competitors such as Wal-Mart and more recently the announcement that Target is coming to Canada. If so, there may be more pressure on pricing, promotions, exclusives etc., and are your Sales people prepared to handle this?

Have there been any Mergers or Acquisitions? If so you may have overlap within your Sales Organization. Has this resulted in the Centralization of the Purchasing group, it may have moved to another province or even another Country. Did you make the necessary change to your Sales Organization?

The environment within which your Customers operate is constantly changing and becoming more competitive every day. As a result, their needs and operating procedures are also constantly changing. Your Sales Organization needs to continually adapt to be successful.

Next time we will look at Do you know who you are Competing against?