Waterloo RFP Writer Proposal Response Services

Conveniently located near Waterloo Ontario, Boardroom Metrics provides RFP, RFI and other response writing services to organizations across North America.

The Boardroom Metrics RFP team includes nine experienced professional RFP writers and two graphic artists. Some of the writers are in Toronto, Atlanta and Calgary. All of the client and team co-ordination activities are handled locally.

Originally founded in Toronto, Boardroom Metrics moved to southwestern Ontario in 2016 to accommodate the travel and work needs of its founders.  Jim Crocker, a Boardroom Metrics founder, was CEO of a public technology company based in Waterloo. Since then, Jim has consulted to numerous companies in the Waterloo area. The RFP response writing services provided by Boardroom Metrics are led by CEO Karen McElroy.

Boardroom Metrics RFP response clients come from a wide array of industries including IT, manufacturing and professional services. Their size varies from start-ups to billion dollar house-hold names. All work is quoted based on size and complexity of the response.

The role of the response writing team is to fully understand the needs of the issuer and to respond with a clear solution that differentiates the bidder from competition. All of our writers are experts in the RFP response writing process. Our graphic artists help ensure that each response stands out professionally.

Although a client’s subject matter expertise is always primary, Boardroom Metrics can assist by leveraging its extensive network and consulting/recruiting background when necessary.

This is a link to our RFP writing home page. More information on Boardroom RFP response services is available by contacting Karen McElroy at 416-994-6552 or email [email protected]