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Toronto Governance Consultant

Boardroom Metrics provides corporate governance consulting to organizations in Toronto and across North America.

Our corporate governance consulting services include:

  • Board effectiveness evaluation
  • Governance effectiveness evaluation
  • CEO performance evaluation
  • Consulting on governance effectiveness issues including Board composition, information, leadership, processes and culture
  • Education of Directors and Senior Leadership Teams on governance and effective execution of their roles with respect to governance effectiveness
  • Coaching and mentoring of Board Chairs, Directors, CEO’s and senior leaders on their governance roles

External Board Evaluation Process Leadership

For Boards of Directors interested in understanding what opportunities they have to upgrade their governance effectiveness, this service is efficient and cost effective. Read about our Board Evaluation Process Consulting here.

Audited Board elements and recommendations include:

  • Board role
  • Board structure, including # of Directors; terms; committees
  • Nominating process
  • Board operating procedures including Board meeting audit

External CEO Performance Evaluation

For Boards of Directors interested in understanding how well the CEO is executing their strategic plan.

Read about our CEO Evaluation Process Consulting here.

Audited CEO performance elements and recommendations include:

  • CEO role elements including leadership, planning and annual goal achievement
  • Relationship with the Board
  • 360 performance assessment including the Board and leadership team perspectives
  • best practices and other standard comparables
  • detailed performance management planning and execution

Link to CEO Performance Evaluation Templates


Corporate Strategy Consulting

Our corporate strategy consulting services focus on strategy development, validation and oversight. Strategy is a key element of effective governance. We work with Boards, CEO’s and Senior Leadership Teams on strategy effectiveness.

Our strategy consulting services include:

  • Leadership and facilitation of the strategy development process
  • Education of Directors and Leadership Teams on strategy, strategy development, validation and measurement
  • Consulting and mentoring to Directors and Leadership teams involved in strategy development and oversight
  • Tactical implementation expertise in business development, marketing and social media


Meet Jim Crocker

Chair of Boardroom Metrics and Consulting Practice Leader

Jim consults and speaks on corporate governance and strategy. A veteran CEO, Director and Consultant, Jim works with Boards and Leadership Teams, helping them identify and address opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of their corporate governance and strategy. He speaks regularly to industry and trade associations on the lessons and benefits of strong private corporate governance and strategy, and best practices for achieving both.


Podcast: Private Business Corporate Governance

In this podcast Jim shares his perspective on the benefits of corporate governance for private business and how to implement it.



Two Best Practices for Private Business Corporate Governance.

Understanding what the best corporate governance practices are for their private business isn’t a question we get from many private company owners.


Two Best Practices for Private Business Corporate Governance.

Understanding what the best corporate governance practices are for their private business isn’t a question we get from many private company owners.


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