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Charities: Are your books and records in order?

Recently, a number of well-known Canadian charities faced brand risk because they didn’t adhere to a basic business principle of organization. They didn’t have up to date books and records. Failure to maintain your books and records is possible grounds for suspension of a charity’s tax-receipting privileges. Such a suspension can translate into the loss … read more

Doing Business in Brazil? Beware of Brazil Taxes … And More!

Investors doing business or looking to do business in Brazil must beware of the “Brazilian Cost.” Brazilian cost or Brazil cost is a term coined by economists and entrepreneurs to define the additional operational expending incurred when doing business in Brazil. The Brazil cost has its roots in three great cost centres: the extreme Brazil taxes, … read more

CMA Accountant… It’s More than Just Numbers!

Did you ever have one of those days where you were tired of people making assumptions about what you do just because you are an accountant? I have been reading a book that talks about the point that when reached changes an outcome from one to another.  Today I reached that point where my passive … read more

Pave Your Road to Success

Joanne Seeds – Making Sense of Numbers! Without a map it is difficult to get to where you want to go unless you have some previous knowledge of the route. Even then, when obstacles are put in your way, alternative routes may be required or if your general mode of transportation is unavailable you may … read more

What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Pay

LinkedIn serves up the greatest content at times. Today, it led me to this article on Forbes titled ‘What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Pay’ According to the article the ‘worlds largest invoice’ (hashtag #getpaidnotplayed) totals over $15.9 million outstanding to suppliers who haven’t been paid for their services. What would you do? We’re … read more

The Accountant’s Nightmare

Joanne Seeds – Making Sense of Numbers! Deep, deep below the surface lies a dark secret.  No one can define it or say what it is made up of.  It is growing, becoming more and more ominous. It is the Accountant’s nightmare. That one account, one reconciliation, one process that no one has been able … read more

A New Day Dawns

Joanne Seeds – Making Sense of Numbers! Dreading Auditors is part of the corporate culture that has been passed down through management to all employees for years.  It is time to change that culture and improve relations. This is not going to happen overnight.  But, a change in how we view the Auditors and how … read more

The Cold Hard Truth

Joanne Seeds – Making Sense of Numbers! Are Auditors really the bad guy?  Why do we need them anyway? In a perfect world, where no one makes mistakes and no one is trying to rip companies off, there would be no need for Auditors. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We are human beings, and … read more

The Dreaded “Auditor”

Joanne Seeds – Making Sense of Numbers. We have a new Auditor that will be visiting the company to do the year-end audit.  We don’t know them – and yet we already dread their arrival. The dreaded “Auditor”.  Companies can’t get away from them.  We have Internal, External, SOX, Income Tax, Commodity Tax, Customs, and … read more

How to Make Your Auditors Love You

What happens when a key person in your finance department is suddenly hit by a bus, and it’s month end?  Are your processes and procedures documented so you can meet your deadlines? So often, this is overlooked.  What are the chances it will happen to you? No one ever wants to think of this, but … read more

Branding and the CFO

By Greg Berube, February 19, 2012 I’ve been in the Branding game for more than 20 years. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed the industry is the lack of real rules. This may sound strange, but with branding being a creative game, conforming isn’t the most natural path! Comments like “we don’t do it that … read more

Cash Flow Analysis

J.A. Souza is a former Brazilian legislator and business executive. He is an expert on doing business in Brazil and a member of the Accomplished Executive team at Boardroom Metrics. After Standard and Poor’s downgrading of the American credit rating, concerns around the globe and in capital markets went into nervous tension. The Euro’s crisis … read more