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Charities: Are your books and records in order?


Recently, a number of well-known Canadian charities faced brand risk because they didn’t adhere to a basic business principle of organization. They didn’t have up to date books and records. Failure to maintain your books and records is possible grounds for suspension of a charity’s tax-receipting privileges. Such a suspension can translate into the loss … read more

Be a finance coach to your team

Business Coach with Whistle

Motivate your finance department staff to maximize their performance. Are your accounting staff overloaded? Work expands to meet the time available, but this does not occur when staff are motivated to do their best. Good management can often go a long way to encourage staff to go the distance and enable you to get value … read more

Upcoming Workshop: Finance for the non-financial executive

financial training

This workshop is for the C-suite executive who sees the accounting department as a “bunch of bean counters” and has interest in finding a finance coach. We will break down the mystique around financial statements by providing financial training on the basic financial issues that an Executive needs to feel comfortable dealing with – the … read more

Could Your Family Member “CFO” Use Some Financial Training?

financial training

In many mid-sized businesses, it is common to find a spouse or family member acting in the role of CFO or Financial Controller. When this person’s skill set matches the business’ needs, usually including but not limited to exemplary loyalty and dedication, the benefits are enormous. However, where the relative does not have the requisite … read more

Doing Business in Brazil? Beware of Brazil Taxes … And More!

Doing Business in Brazil

Investors doing business or looking to do business in Brazil must beware of the “Brazilian Cost.” Brazilian cost or Brazil cost is a term coined by economists and entrepreneurs to define the additional operational expending incurred when doing business in Brazil. The Brazil cost has its roots in three great cost centres: the extreme Brazil taxes, … read more

CMA Accountant… It’s More than Just Numbers!


Did you ever have one of those days where you were tired of people making assumptions about what you do just because you are an accountant? I have been reading a book that talks about the point that when reached changes an outcome from one to another.  Today I reached that point where my passive … read more