LinkedIn serves up the greatest content at times. Today, it led me to this article on Forbes titled ‘What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Pay’

According to the article the ‘worlds largest invoice’ (hashtag #getpaidnotplayed) totals over $15.9 million outstanding to suppliers who haven’t been paid for their services.

What would you do?

We’re living that situation now at Boardroom Metrics. For the first time.

Our (ex-client) Guestlogix (GXI.T, @guestlogix) owes us a bit of money for some work we did for them back in the spring.

Per suggestions in the article we have a contract signed by the CFO Brian Reddy. We invoiced on time and we’ve followed up aggressively. The CEO Brett Proud even takes our calls, letting us know to ‘leave it with him’.

However, Brett is a busy person. Currently leading a ‘strategic review’ of the Company, he’s got lots else to worry about.

There’s one piece of advice in the article that we’re not taking. We’re not spending a dime on lawyers. In fact, we think that’s bad advice. It would only cost us.

What do you think? What do you do when a client doesn’t pay?