I recently read in a Forbes Magazine article that ‘American Women Entrepreneurs are among the happiest people in the world, and their happiness levels surge as they grow their businesses’.

This seemed newsworthy to me, and it made me curious about whether or not this statement is true about Canadian Women Entrepreneurs too?

HappyEntrepreneurBeginning my research with me, I am pleased to admit that I actually am a Happy Women Entrepreneur too! I am wondering….are there others?

According to the Canadian Trade Commission (in 2012); there were 950,000 self-employed women, or 35.6% of all self-employed persons in Canada.

Although, I couldn’t find any Happiness surveys around this growing Demographic in our country, nor any current or recent statistics – I decided to launch my own 2016 research on this topic.

With a brisk review of my Network of contacts – it became quickly apparent that the happiest women I know – are also Entrepreneurs.

And, I find it interesting that some of the women I identified as ‘Entrepreneurial in Spirit’ (ES), are actually working successfully and happily within large corporations.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit (ES) could be loosely defined as; an attitude, approach and mindset where you are open to change and improvement and have the willingness to drive it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start your own business. But maybe you should?

I believe that having an Entrepreneurial outlook, is an important key to success. And now it looks like Entrepreneurship is also a forerunner to Happiness.

So, do you have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

You should! – and I encourage everyone to develop this valuable skill set.

We know that the skills and traits of successful Entrepreneurs are valuable in tech start-ups and when opening your own yoga studio – or in any business for that matter. I don’t believe that it’s common knowledge yet, that these Entrepreneurial characteristics are the same traits that also drive success working within a large organization, eg:

  • having clear goals
  • the drive to make shit happen
  • people skills to empower collaboration
  • communications skills to not piss everyone off
  • flexibility to pivot when needed

The successful companies of today, like Google, Facebook and Tesla; all pre-screen potential employees for an essential Entrepreneurial skill-set, at every level within their organization.

Whether you are seeking a new job, or if you are on the Hiring side of the table, or even considering Options for the next step in your own Career; there are many reasons for you to identify some Entrepreneurial traits that will help you to succeed, now…. and well into the future.

Here is a quick Entrepreneurial Spirit (ES) checklist:

  • able to spot opportunities
  • identify obstacles and minimize risk
  • develop strategic partnerships
  • creative problem solving skills
  • communication and idea sharing
  • close the deal
  • inspire collaboration

Every year, the workplace is moving more and more towards the Freelancer environment. Therefore, an Entrepreneurial Spirit will be in demand in numerous iterations. Are you ready for this yet? Is your family thinking about this kind of stuff?

Ask yourself, if you and your family are prepared for any work interruptions or lay-offs? Help your spouse, kids, sisters, brothers, grand-kids and friends to become better prepared for these uncertainties – and to ensure that you keep your networks both active and current.

And please, encourage everyone you know to strengthen their Entrepreneurial tendencies.

In the future, the Entrepreneurial skill-set will become even more of a hiring decision differentiator for both employees and contractors throughout the entire Recruiting process at a growing company.

Alternately, it’s interesting to note that these same Entrepreneurial skills have been identified when related to Outplacement; when organizations are actually downsizing. The employees that remain and survive a downsizing, usually have a variety of transferable and Entrepreneurial type skills.

Do you have the Entrepreneurial skill set needed for success and longevity? Do you need any help developing these transferable type of skills?

There is massive competition for consulting roles and jobs at every level today. Please develop your strengths wisely! You actually can be a Happy Entrepreneur too.

P.S. if there are any Men Entrepreneurs reading this blog, geez I hope you guys are Happy Entrepreneurs too! Hmm. More research may be required.