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Boardroom Metrics works with Boards of Directors across North America on Board and CEO Performance Evaluations.

CEO Performance Evaluation Template 

CEO Evaluation Template – $4.99

This performance evaluation tool is precise and easy to use. Focused and effective, it is very similar to what we implement when leading external CEO evaluations. The questions can be easily customized and input to on-line survey tools like Survey Monkey. Then, they can be confidentially and easily distributed to the Board, the Leadership Team and others evaluating the CEO. CEO’s prefer this approach because the feedback is clearer, more focused and more actionable than other evaluation tools they are used to.

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CEO Evaluation Template + Board Evaluation Template – $6.99

This download contains two helpful templates. The first is the CEO evaluation (above). The second is a Board Evaluation Template. The Board evaluation template provides helpful assistance for governance Boards interested in assessing their governance performance. We use customized versions of this survey when conducting external Board assessments. The survey helps Boards assess how well Directors understand the Board’s role and the five key elements of Board effectiveness – Board composition, information, processes, leadership and culture.

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The CEO Performance Evaluation

The CEO Evaluation is the primary and most formal process the Board has for measuring CEO performance. Regularly measuring performance is important because the Board delegates responsibility for day to day management of the business to the CEO.  From a governance point of view, the Board MUST take steps to ensure they know how well the CEO is carrying out their mandate.

Feedback from the CEO performance evaluation process is important to the CEO as well as the Board.  Through the evaluation process the CEO gains a clear understanding of the Board’s goals, receives  well-deserved and positive feedback on accomplishments,  and gets an opportunity to clarify the Board’s expectations around performance of the CEO role.

Here are the key goals of the CEO performance evaluation process:

  • Objectively measure CEO performance vs. the goals and expectations of the Board
  • Reinforce and strengthen as necessary the alignment between the CEO’s priorities and performance, and the mission, vision and goals of the organization
  • Define and establish the criteria, process and expectations for CEO growth and development opportunities
  • Build a stronger more productive relationship between the Board and the CEO
  • Fulfill a primary Board governance duty to ensure that organization is well lead and if not, to provide a legitimate basis for terminating the CEO

CEO Performance Evaluation Services

Confidential, Objective Assistance for Boards Assessing CEO Performance

Boardroom Metrics provides CEO Evaluation Services to Boards of Directors across North America. We provide objective, confidential leadership of the CEO Evaluation process including tools, performance ratings and reporting. All of our work is confidential. When the assessment is completed, we help Boards determine the appropriate performance management plan for the CEO. Click here for more information on CEO evaluation services.

CEO Performance Coaching and Mentoring

For Boards or CEO’s seeking insight on CEO performance and how to improve it, engaging the services of an experienced CEO coach can be an important investment.  A CEO coach helps the CEO understand their role and responsibilities and what actions they can implement to perform at a higher level. Boardroom Metrics CEO coaching is provided to Boards, HR Departments and interested, performance-oriented CEO’s.

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