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The founders of Boardroom Metrics tap into their network of leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and friends for wide-ranging insights on business, corporate governance and strategy.

Podcast: Don’t be fooled by your Board Self-Assessment


Boardroom Metrics provides Corporate Governance and Strategy Consulting services to Public, Private and Not-for Profit Organizations in the United States and Canada.

Board self-assessments are an important corporate governance tool. However, Board self-assessments that over-rate the effectiveness of the Board of Directors can damage a Board’s ability to govern more effectively.

On this Podcast Jim Crocker urges Board of Directors to take a more objective, informed look at corporate governance and leave room to improve their Governance effectiveness.

Jim suggests that Boards should put more Board time and effort into learning how to assess corporate governance and that there is a real advantage in getting outside, objective help.

For more insight on Board Self Assessments, please read Jim’s Blog here:


Podcast: Stop the Startup Madness

Boardroom Banter with Karen and Jim.

This Podcast Jim goes off on incubators and start-ups. What’s the attraction? Why don’t we focus on later-stage companies?

Also on this Podcast:
– US politics is depressing
– the Financial Post goes after the rich and famous
– using my library card
– stuck on Ketchup
– getting over Powerpoint


Jim Crocker – Chair of Boardroom Metrics, Toronto
Karen McElroy – CEO Boardroom Metrics, Toronto


Podcast: The Amazing Success Story of a Toronto Cop

Boardroom Metrics has worked with hundreds of executives, including Craig to help them achieve their career goals and build a unique executive brand.

In this Podcast:

Craig D’Souza was a Toronto police officer. Now he heads up investigations for Facebook and their related companies including Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.

In conversation with Jim, Craig shares his career journey and what it’s like to work at one of the worlds largest and best run tech companies. From building connections to leading large teams, Craig’s insights are inspiring and grounded. There’s lots here for anyone seeking an interesting and fulfilling career.


Jim Crocker, Chairman Boardroom Metrics Inc.

Craig D’Souza, Global Investigations at Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus,

Unspoken Problems

This Podcast is based on a Content Marketing Study.

88% of B2B marketers now engage in content marketing. A recent study reveals this and other fascinating insight on content marketers.

Karen and Jim chat with Ken Steven, Boardroom Metrics’ lead strategy and marketing consultant about the findings of the study.

Ken shares some great insight on how to win over new clients using content marketing.

Here’s a link to the study…eting-research/

Here’s a link to a new white paper writing service that has been spurred by client demand.…ices-toronto

Boardroom Metrics Podcast: Top Tips for Winning RFPs

Tips we gathered from our professional writers on winning RFP proposal bids.

Access our free download ‘Top 12 Tips for Winning RFPs and Proposals’ here:


Jim Crocker – Chair of Boardroom Metrics, Toronto
Karen McElroy – CEO Boardroom Metrics, Toronto

Ink Stink

Executive personal brands. Too general, to old, too late. Jim and Karen discuss their observations working with experienced executives on personal brands. Overall thought: you will care, especially when it’s too late.

Also on this podcast:
– motivating teams through individuals
– professional profile photo
– google your own name
– holiday time helps
– typing on an iPhone
– damn ink

Link to Blog on Branding discussed today: How to Update your Toronto Executive Personal Brand


Jim Crocker – Chair of Boardroom Metrics, Toronto
Karen McElroy – CEO Boardroom Metrics, Toronto

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