Executive Personal Branding Program

Experienced executives already have personal brands. Here are the important reasons to keep your brand current:

  • Job search and transition – maximize visibility and attractiveness to new employers
  • Internal promotion – stand out for your accomplishments and contribution
  • Entrepreneurial endeavour – highlight your expertise and get found by clients

Here’s how Boardroom Metrics helps you refresh your personal brand:

  • Define your core skills and expertise
    By definition many senior executives are generalists; however, generalist skills are common and therefore more difficult for employers and clients to differentiate.
    We help you define the tactical skills, expertise and experience that helps you stand out. We answer the question: what is it that makes you unique?
  • Identify the buyer(s) for your (product and) services
    Strong marketing depends on understanding who the buyer is, what their needs are and how you meet their needs.
    We help you identify who those buyers are and what they are looking for. We answer the question: why should someone talk to you?
  • Develop Your Story
    Great stories open doors, create credibility and get repeated. We help you turn your unique expertise into a story that attracts attention and creates credibility. We answer the question: how will I be heard?
  • Update Your Marketing Approach
    Although the CV is still relevant, modern branding also depends on social media. We help you package your story for modern marketing platforms and give you the opportunity to participate in high profile marketing events. We answer the question: how will I get noticed?

Our experience working with executives on their brands began almost ten years ago. We have helped hundreds of executives develop, enhance and refresh their personal brands.

How Can We Help?

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